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Activity Communication Aids - Nursery/School/Home

Activity Communication Aids - Nursery/School/Home

Having Speech and Language difficulties can mean that a child is delayed in their ability to use words and they don't have the vocabulary to say what they want/need or to interact with other adults and children. These children can often get quite frustrated or isolated due to not being able to communicate effectively.


You can help them express themselves both at home and in the nursery room/ classroom by using visual aids and symbols to point to whilst you speak. By pointing to the symbols on these boards, you can let them know what's going on and they can show you what they are interested in, what they need and how they are feeling. These communication boards are organised by activity and include a range of play based, routine based and curriculum-based activities that the child might get involved in.


The key to success when using communication boards is to have them available (either stuck on the wall, in a folder that the child can access or placed in front of them.) The adult then models to the child how to point to the different symbols and say the word written under them when it's relevant to their communication. Lots of repetitive practise of using these boards can help the child to develop functional and spontaneous use of language and can help them to develop from struggling to communicate to communicating more easily.


Suitable for children 2yrs+ who don't have visual impairment; recommended for all children but especially those with Speech and Language difficulties, including relating to Autism, Developmental Language Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment etc.


This PDF Digital download includes:

  • 1x communication chart for core vocabulary (words used throughout the day)
  • 30x activity communication charts, each one with 20 symbols and in different colours
    • Activities include:
      • Small world animal play
      • Ball play
      • Bubble play
      • Car garage play
      • Click clack track play
      • Computer
      • Cooking
      • Construction play
      • Craft activities
      • Dolly/Teddy play
      • Games
      • Getting washed/dressed
      • IPAD/Tablet
      • Classroom learning
      • Lego/Building play
      • Messy play
      • Out and about
      • Playdough play
      • Playground/outdoor play
      • Mr. Potato Head play
      • Puzzles play
      • Role play
      • Sensory toys
      • Shopping
      • Singing
      • Snack time
      • Story time
      • Toileting
      • Train play
      • TV
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