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B Sound - Speech Therapy Activity Pack

B Sound - Speech Therapy Activity Pack

Do you have a child who is learning how to say the "b" sound? Would you like to have a complete activity pack to help them do this? Then look no further! This 50 page resource has games, stories, flashcards, activities and more to help your child learn the "b" sound. From developing their listening skills, being able to blend the sound before/after a vowel, at the beginning/middle/end of words and putting it into phrases and longer sentences - you will be able to help them with it all. There are games and also a reward chart and certificate to motivate them and to celebrate all of their effort!


In this pdf download, you will find the following activities to work on your "b" speech sound targets:


  • Sound Prompt Cards - Learning how to say sounds on their own and blend them before/after a vowel is made easier with these visual prompt cards. Hold them up or place them on the table in front of you and point to them when practicing. 
  • Auditory Bombardment Story – Read this story aloud together and emphasize all the words beginning with your target sound whilst they listen.
  • Auditory Bombardment Word List – Intensive listening to a sound within words can help children’s speech system to know how that sound is used. Read the words aloud together and emphasize your target sound whilst they listen.
  • Minimal Pairs and silent sorting activity – There are two flashcard sets. One set will have a pair of rhyming words for your target sound with the words written down. The other set will have pictures for the same pair of rhyming words but without the written word. This is so children who can read don’t rely on their reading ability. Make sure they know what the words are then ask them to point to the word that you said. Alternatively ask them to sort the cards into piles based on which sound the words start with – from saying the word to themselves silently. 
  • Sound mats – These mats range in difficulty of sound production from before/after a vowel up to within sentences. Practise saying the sounds/words/phrases/ together. You can place game pieces on each of the squares, smash playdough balls onto them, tick them off as you go or there is also the option to colour in the pages. 
  • Sound down you go game – This game requires counters and a dice. To play, you take turns rolling the dice and you move your counter to the number that you rolled. When there, practise saying the word that you landed on. You must roll the number that has the down arrow to move down to the next row. The first person to get to the bottom and land on the trophy is the winner. 
  • Sound Bingo game – Roll the dice and choose one of the pictures in that row, say the word on its own or in a sentence and cross it off. First one to cross out 5 pictures in a row shouts bingo and is the winner. 
  • What am I? game – Place all of the pictures in front of the child and then pick up a clue card and read out the clues – the child then needs to find the picture you are talking about and practise saying the word. You can reverse this game and ask them to give you the clues instead. 
  • Odd one out – This activity helps the child to develop good awareness of which words start with their target sound. For each row, they need to say the words to themselves to decide which word does not start with their target sound – they place a circle around this word. 
  • Reward chart and certificate – Speech sound practise is hard work so some may require more motivation, and everyone deserves some celebration. There is a reward chart and certificate included.


These activities follow evidence based therapy approaches and target the "b" sound in all word positions. Have fun together learning your sounds!

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