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Communication Fan Aid - Core Vocabulary

Communication Fan Aid - Core Vocabulary

Handy to have, this is a communication fan visual aid featuring symbols for lots of different types of communication. Pop it onto a keyring or on your lanyard and fan it out to see all of the different symbols on there ready to show to your child or young  person with communication difficulties.


Perfect for children and young people who struggle to make their needs known, ask questions, follow instructions, make themselves understood etc. These symbols will help with their understanding of the words you are using and enable them to communicate a range of things back to you.


It includes symbols for self care needs, routine based instructions, social greetings and behaviours, emotion words and requesting words.


Perfect for children with Autism, Selective Mutism, Learning/Developmental difficulties, Speech Sound Disorders and other Speech and Language difficulties.


Digitial PDF download includes:

  • 24x fan cutouts with communication symbols
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