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Communication Fan Aid - Question words

Communication Fan Aid - Question words

Being able to ask a question is such an important skill for children and young people; in order to make their wants known to others, gather information, to build friendships, ask for help and join in with conversation.


Often children with Speech and Language difficulties need a bit of extra support to know which question words to use when and that's where this resource can help. This is a visual aid to show your child/young person how to start asking a question with the appropriate question word e.g. can I have - when asking for something, where are we going - when heading out the door etc. It also teaches correct use of pronoun with I/you/we. 


It comes together as a fan of symbols which you can add to a keyring or lanyard and wear so that you have it available when you need to show it to your child.


Perfect for children with Autism, Speech and Language difficulties, Developmental Language Disorder and/or learning/developmental difficulties.


Digital PDF download includes:

  • 16 visual prompts for questions that come together in a fan
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