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Emotions Chart - Expressing feelings

Emotions Chart - Expressing feelings

Sometimes children with Speech and Language Difficulties find it hard to express their emotions, which can lead to them communicating through their behaviour and sometimes then find it hard regulate their emotions or to be able to choice a strategy independently that helps them deal with the emotion.


Using a visual aid to help them learn about their emotions, label them, communicate them with others, connect emotions with how their body feels and choose a strategy that helps them can make a huge improvement to their well being and their behaviour. 


This is a really beneficial tool to have both at home and in nursery/schools when working with a child with communication difficulties. It can help for parents to use it in the home as well as teachers in the education setting to have consistency and help the child to use the tool in as many opportunities as possible. All teachers and classrooms, even Head Teachers and Learning Support Worker/Mentors, would benefit from having this chart displayed on the wall for all the children to use. 


This PDF Digital download includes the chart in an A4 size but it can be printed to be smaller or larger depending on the user's needs. It can also be laminated and displayed in the playground/lunch room to help with emotional regulation during unstructured play times.

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