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Final Sound Deletion

Final Sound Deletion

A big part of children's speech sound development is being able to identify and say the end sound in a word. This can sometimes be really difficult, particularly for children with a Speech Sound Delay or Speech Disorder.


Children who find this difficult will often leave out the end sound and so their words will be difficult to understand e.g. saying "ge boo dow" for "get book down." They need extra support to listen to all the sounds in the word and to practise blending them together. It helps to break the word down into the first part of the word and then the end sound e.g. bu and s = "bus."


This final sounds activity pack shows the children how to break down the words in an easy to understand and visual way. Seeing it split up will help them remember where the sounds are in the words. This activity is best used with the adult modelling the sounds within the word, slowly blending the word together for the child to hear and then pointing to each sound as the child attempts to copy. Lots of repetitive practice can help the child to be able to include the end sound no matter which word they are saying.


A brilliant speech therapy activity to do at home with parents, in nursery/school with teaching staff and in therapy sessions with Speech and Language Therapists.


This PDF download includes:

  • 10x pages of target words
  • Over 40 target words to practice
  • A range of consonant sounds in the English Language
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