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Lanyard Communication Aid

Lanyard Communication Aid

Do you ever wish you had a visual support that helped you communicate with a child with Speech and Language difficulties where ever you are or whatever you are doing?


Well then, this resource is made for you. It is a communication board full of general vocabulary that you might need when interacting with your child or young person.  It can be printed on A5 size and worn on a lanyard or keyring or it can be printed larger and placed on a wall or table for you and your child to look at together.


It contains a range of words including people, action words, places, emotions and decription words, language concepts like prepositions, behaviour, routine and social words as well as question words.


It works by pointing to the appropriate symbol when communicating with your child/young person to increase their understanding of the words you are using and encouraging them to point to symbols that are meaningful to them and help them communicate with you.


Perfect for children with Autism, Down(s) Syndrome, Learning/Developmental difficulties and Speech and Language Difficulties.


Digital PDF download includes:

  • Aided language display with 80 core vocabulary words and symbols
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