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Nursery Rhymes - Choice Board

Nursery Rhymes - Choice Board

Do you have a child who loves music and singing and has the time of their life joining in with song time? You can help them to practice some communication skills by getting them to make a choice and let you know which song they would like to sing/dance along to.


Increasing the amount of times children have a chance to make a choice throughout the day is a fantastic way to boost their reason to interact and communicate with others. 


This choice board has a fantastic range of nursery rhymes and popular songs to choice from and can be displayed on the wall in the classroom/home or brought out when it's song time.


It works by showing the child how to point to a song choice on the board and then modelling the words for them and waiting to see if they are able to respond before following through and doing the song they have chosen.


Digital PDF download includes:

  • 3 x A4 posters
  • 48 song choices with colour symbols
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